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   Promoting the Profession: Each One Reach One
Promoting Landscape Architecture to Michigan Youth

What are the goals of “Each one, Reach One"?

Potential audiences for you to target

How are we doing toward achieving our goal?

Resources to use

Links to other resources

Tell us how your presentation went


What are the goals of “Each one, Reach One"?

ASLA President Perry Howard has issued a challenge to all of the state chapters to reach out to at least one K-12 student during April, National Landscape Architecture Month. The challenge is being called “Each one, Reach one”.

Consider the following from President Howard’s letter to the Chapter Presidents:

“The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that the demand for landscape architecture services will grow by an astonishing 16 percent by the year 2016 making our profession the fastest growing of all the design professions. “

President Howard also says, “In order to meet this demand, we need to increase the number of graduates by at least six percent each year – we are currently on pace to increase by only two percent per year.”

At the end of 2007 the Michigan Chapter of ASLA established our goals for 2008. One of these goals was to promote the profession to Michigan youth. I feel that our goal and President Howard’s national goal are the same, to get young people excited about careers in landscape architecture. Did you know that 50 percent of students in landscape architecture programs didn’t know about landscape architecture until they got on campus and discovered it? We need to make sure that young people are aware of landscape architecture when they are making decisions about their careers. To promote the profession the Michigan Chapter of ASLA has set a goal of giving 50 presentations to Michigan youth during 2008. There are many youth focused organizations such as schools, sports teams, church and religious groups, or larger groups such as Scouting. I am asking that each member of the Michigan Chapter spend some time during the next year talking to the youth in your area about careers in landscape architecture.

Kenn Rapp

President, Michigan ASLA


Potential audiences for you to target

Any gathering of youth in Michigan is a potential target audience for promoting the profession of landscape architecture. Here are a few to consider:

  • K-12 Schools (contact the schools office or guidance counselor)
  • Youth sports teams and clubs
  • Youth organizations (see links section for links to these organizations)
    • Girls and Boy Scouts (did you know there was a landscape architecture merit badge?)
    • Boys and Girls Clubs
    • Junior Master Gardeners
  • Church and religious youth groups
  • Daycare and afterschool programs
  • Community Colleges

How are we doing toward achieving our goal?

The Michigan Chapter set a goal of doing 50 presentations during 2008 that promote the profession to Michigan Youth.

To date, Michigan ASLA has received information on 3 that have been given.

If you have given a presentation please let us know so that we can count it toward our goal.

Tell us how your presentation went

Please let us know and share with other landscape architects how your presentation went.  We will update postings weekly, as we receive them.

E-mail us now!

Presentation Feedback Posting:

Kenn Rapp, ASLA

April 24-25, 2008

Kindergarten Class in Zeeland, MI

On April 24th and 25th, I gave presentations to 34 kindergarten students at my nephew's school in Zeeland.  I did the afternoon class on the 24th and the morning class on the 25th. They had been discussing Earth Day earlier in the week and so I tied my presentation to that.  We talked for a half hour about how to become a landscape architect and what landscape architects do.  We then pretended that we were going to build a new park in Zeeland and I asked them to help me decide what would go in it.  We then took turns drawing the items in our park plan I had put on the board.  Most of the kids thought of things like slides and sandboxes but I was impressed by some of the other things they came up with.  Both classes thought of things like bathrooms and parking lots.  After my presentation I gave out coloring books and Junior Landscape Architect certificates.  It was a lot of fun and I got invited back next year.


Resources to use

The following are resources that you can use in your presentation.

Career Discovery Power Point Presentation

This is a good basic presentation on landscape architecture. It’s geared to a more mature audience. You can download the presentation and adapt it your own presentation. Adding examples of your own work would be great way to personalize it.

Download the Career Discovery Power Point Presentation    (ppt).

Career Discovery Brochures

These provide information on landscape architecture and are a good resource to leave with your group. The brochure comes in two formats, one that you can print and one that can be taken to a professional printer.

Download Printable Career Discovery Brochure


Download Professional Printer Career Discovery Brochure (pdf).

Designing a Dog Park

This outline was developed by the Idaho-Montana Chapter. It’s geared toward an older audience and requires 11 weeks but it could be modified to other audiences and time frames. It’s a good way to explain the design process to youth by involving them in it.

Download Designing a Dog Park Outline (pdf).

“Putting a New Spin on Earth”

This is a 20 minute clip in Real Time format that was developed by the New Jersey Chapter. Its geared toward a middle school age audience. There are other versions of this clip on the ASLA Career Discovery webpage.

Download "Putting a New Spin on Earth"

Download the Movie "Putting a New Spin on Earth" (Real Player .rm)

To view this movie, you will need RealPlayer.  For instructions and a link to a free download of RealPlayer, visit www.ASLA.org

Make a Green Roof

This activity is geared toward elementary age children but could be made more complex to use with an older audience. The outline gives instructions and materials needed for this project.

Download "Make A Green Roof"    (doc).

“What does a Landscape Architect Do?” Coloring and Activity book

This coloring and activity book was developed by the North Carolina Chapter and is geared toward elementary age children. The coloring book can be printed and given to children as a way for them to learn about landscape architecture

Download the "What Does a Landscape Architect Do?" Coloring and Activity Book (pdf).

Junior Landscape Architect Certificate

This is from ASLA and provides you a way to certify the children who participate in your activity as “Junior Landscape Architects”. The certificate allows you to add names and other information.

Download the Junior Landscape Architect Certificate



Links to other resources

The following links are to additional resources:

Boy Scouts of America

Girls Scouts of America

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

ACE Mentorship Program

Junior Master Gardeners

ASLA Career Discovery Web Page


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