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Ann Arbor Municipal Center
Green Stormwater Infrastructure

301 E. Huron Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.

Winner of the Michigan ASLA Merit Award, 2012

Project Description

The development of Ann Arbor’s municipal center has transformed the aging civic complex into a pedestrian-friendly, dynamic “green” space that demonstrates the environmental, social, and economic benefits of sustainable design. The re-imagined 2-acre civic campus is comprised of City Hall, as well as a new police and courts building. 

Designed to serve Ann Arbor’s citizens, the nearby University of Michigan, and over 400 municipal employees, the site is a vibrant urban center with abundant garden spaces, plazas, picnic tables, public art, and a green roof promenade. A large glass atrium creates a sense of openness in the new justice center, while a landscaped plaza provides a connection to City Hall. Several sustainable measures optimize the site’s ecological performance, with the water and vegetation systems designed to help protect the nearby Huron River. 

Permeable pavement, rainwater planters and streetscapes, and a rain terrace serve multiple functions, including public seating and gathering space. These and other green infrastructure tools help slow, cleanse, and cool rainfall on-site, significantly reducing stormwater runoff. Sculptural water features and runnels, including some created by world-renowned artist Herbert Dreiseitl, display moving rainwater as an art form. 

Project Highlights

Rainwater art in the plaza of Ann Arbor Municipal Center 

A decorative rain garden captures, stores & treats stormwater runoff 

The path of rainwater is displayed artfully using decorative runnels 

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