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Millennium Park Master Plan

1415 Maynard Ave SW, Walker, MI 49534

Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.

Winner of the Michigan ASLA Honor Award 

Project Description

Millennium Park is a 1500-acre park located at the intersection of four developing southwestern Michigan municipalities. Kent County retained ECT to lead the visioning and master plan. Building upon the park’s water resources, ECT created a long-term plan that takes advantage of more than four miles of the Grand River shoreline, numerous lakes, wetlands, and streams. ECT discovered several exceedingly rare habitat zones with high-quality native landscapes that prior plans had overlooked. These rare landscapes exist in proximity to programs such as “The Fen,” allowing for greater protection and interpretation. ECT identified specific restoration strategies for the various remnants and recommended that nearly the entire park be restored with native landscape systems. Nearly 20 miles of proposed trails are recommended within the park to expand passive recreation opportunities.  

The master plan planning process included extensive stakeholder interviews, public outreach, and close involvement with the County Board. The master plan update provided the county with the tools to budget and phase this gift. It also established the “Millennium Standard,” a set of guiding principles for park improvements, and featured seven guiding principles grounded in economics, social well-being, and environmental considerations. The plan was approved unanimously by the board and continues to be implemented today. 

Project Highlights

  • Integrated landscape design 

  • Stakeholder coordination

  • Ecosystem restoration 

  • Site assessment 

  • Wildlife preserve master planning

  • Stewardship guidelines 

  • 2009 Michigan ASLA Honor

  • Award in Planning 

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