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The Dequindre Cut Greenway

Detroit, Michigan

Designed by SmithGroup

The Dequindre Cut, formerly the Grand Trunk Railroad line, hadn’t functioned in years. The 2-mile corridor renovation was undertaken, and today is a non-motorized urban greenway, that pedestrians and bikers utilize daily. With a designated path for exercise, a community of movers has emerged. There are the daily morning walkers, the Saturday afternoon rollerbladers, and cyclists that hit the trail for fun, fitness, or their daily commute. There are the trees that shade and shelter the trail; the lights that illuminate once night falls; the acclaimed graffiti, the resonant voice that echoes the Cut’s history and celebrates the resiliency and beauty of the community. With a variety of community events - Soirees on the Greenway, the Detroit Institute of Arts Inside|Out program, fit camps, running clubs, wedding photoshoots and receptions - Detroit, known for its cars, now shifts its focus to a community of humans, who now have a place to celebrate and be celebrated in one of Detroit’s most iconic public places. Read more here.

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