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Red Pole Park

Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, MI 48076

Designed by HED & The Southfield Planning Department

Red Pole Park is an interactive art installation along a public walkway and is part of a series of “landscape moments” designed to enhance the pedestrian experience along the gateway. Because it appears along a highway, it also gives drivers information about the walkability of the district. The tallest poles (35 feet) have solar-activated blue lights that twinkle at night. 
Red Pole Park is based on the "developed design" concept and the poles symbolize a community that has embraced the values of sustainability, stewardship, and education. The color red is highly visible and symbolizes love, energy, and passion. The poles are various heights to recognize ancestors, present-day generations, and the promise of future growth. 

Red Pole Park is designed to be one of a series of interactive outdoor "rooms" for people to explore. It intersects the Southfield City Centre Trail, a bike-walk greenway. The Park was funded through a 2017 Patronicity crowdfunding campaign and matched by a grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation's Public Spaces, Community Places Program. Along this site, there were multiple utilities placed with no organization. The Landscape Architects worked around this by designing a grid that included red dots placed on the asphalt to complete the design. Read more here.

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